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You've reached the largest and most comprehensive resource for 240sx convertible owners on the 'net! The web's original online resource for 240sx vert owners brings you everything you need, including the most active 240sx for sale classifieds around.

Browse our KA, KA-t, SR, RB and CA engine forums, check out our Nissan Online Mechanic, cruise our Motorsports forums, and shop from over 40 advertisers offering exclusive discounts on 240sx performance parts to members! Don't forget to drop into our 240sx forums and introduce yourself.

240sx Convertible Buyers Guide

nissan 240sx buyers guide

Do's and Don'ts of buying a 240sx Convertible

This article is to help out anybody who is looking into buying a 240sx convertible. There are a few things you should look for in a used 240sx convertible before purchase.

Bagged Vert

Nissan 240sx convertible air bag suspension

KSport Bagged Suspension

Project 240sx Convertible gets a KSport air bag suspension installed

Pikes Peak 240sx

Pikes Peak Nissan 240sx

Fatman Racing's Nissan 240sx takes on Pikes Peak

The story behind Fatman Racing's Pikes Peak 240sx

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